Professor Jan Herget, M.D., Ph.D.

Head, Dept. Physiology
Professor of Physiology and Pathological Physiology
Department of Physiology
Second Medical School
Charles University, Prague

Mailing address:
Plzenska 130/221
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Phone +420 2 57310345 or 57310995
Fax +420 2 57310995

Ceska verze teto stranky


Charles Univ., Medical Sch., Prague
Academy of Sciences, Czech Rep.
University of Sheffield (Welcome Trust)
CVP, Denver, CO (B. Francis Parker Found.)

Experimental models in pulmonary circulation:

Exposure to acute and chronic hypoxia (rat, mice)
Experimental of pulmonary hypertension in rat
Pulmonary hypertension in models of lung disease in rats (emphysema, lung fibrosis, inflammation, lung edema)
Experimental left heart failure
Ontogenesis of rat pulmonary circulation


Lung hemodynamics in rat „in vivo“ (PAP, CO)
Quantitative morphology of pulmonary vasculature
Isolation and biochemistry of prealveolar pulmonary blood vessels (matrix proteins and enzymes)
Isolated perfused rat and mice lungs
Isolated pulmonary peripheral blood vessels (myography)
NO and H2O2 in expired air in rat in vivo
Lung ventilation and lung mechanics (CL, RL, FRC) (body plethysmgraph in rats)
Chronic ventilatory hypoxia

Research topics:

Acute and chronic hypoxia in pulmonary vasculature
Pulmonary vascular reactivity in chronic hypoxia
Mechanisms of pulmonary hypertension
Radicals and hypoxia – induced structural remodeling of prealveolar vessels
Effects of perinatal hypoxia
NO and ROS in pulmonary blood vessels

Publications: ResearchGate - Jan Herget


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