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Welcome to the website of the


Second Medical School
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

Mailing address:
Plzenska 130/221
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Telephone +42 257210345 or 257210995
Fax +42 257210995
e-mail: jan.herget at lfmotol.cuni.cz
Chemiluminescence NO analyzer


Notification for fereign students upon coming from west Africa and Congo, from areas stricken by fevers caused by the EBOLA virus.


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Welcome to the Department of Physiology, Charles University Second Medical School.

On these pages you can find staff contacts listing, information relevant to physiology study at our department, and an overview of our research activities (we have one research group interested in the pulmonary circulation and another studying physiology of memory). Of course, some useful links may not be missing.

Physiology textbooks available from this website!

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