Topics of student presentations - Summer half 2008/2009

  1. Endocrinology I

    1. Types of cellular secrection of hormones. General mechanisms of hormonal actions. Blood transport of hormones.
    2. Endocrine function of hypothalamic-hypophysial system.
    3. Humoral  control of calcium metabolism
    4. Function of glucocorticoids and regulation of their secretion
    5. Renin – angiotensin – aldosteron. Function of mineralocorticoids and regulation of their secretion
    6. Humoral regulation in stress

    Endocrinology II

    1. Insulin, mechanism and regulation of secretion, receptors. Metabolic actions of insulin and their mechanisms.
    2. Humoral regulation of plasma glucose concentration.
    3. Regulation of menstruation cycle. Hormonal principles  of contraception.
    4. Humoral regulation of human development and growth.
    5. Hormonal mechanisms  of pregnancy, regulations of delivery.

    Gastrointestinal tract

    1. Functions of mouth and oesophagus in digestion
    2. Mechanisms of digestion in stomach (motility, secretion, control)
    3. Mechanisms of digestion in intestine (motility, secretion, control)
    4. Pancreatic secrection, neural and hormonal regulation
    5. Bile production and function of gall blader, their regulation

    General neurophysiology

    1. Function of glial cells
    2. Transmission and processing of signals in neurons
    3. Synaptic transmission (and explanation of terms metabotropic and ionotropic receptor)
    4. Acetylcholine and norepinephrine in the peripheral nervous system
    5. Function of neurotransmitters and mechanisms of their action (receptors) in the central nervous system (glutamate, gamma-aminobutyric acid and others)

    Special neurophysiology

    1. Functions of spinal cord
    2. Functions of the brain stem
    3. Neural control of voluntary movement
    4. Sleep, wakefulness and interconnected modulatory systems in the CNS
    5. Learning and memory


    1. Function of retina
    2. Hearing
    3. Vestibular system
    4. Smell
    5. Taste

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